The Renewable Energy Sources – Research and Business (RESRB) conference is designed as a platform for reporting, discussing, improving and disseminating recent developments in renewable energy science, technology, business and policy. Participants from various organisations such as universities, institutes, NGOs, associations, industries etc. are invited. It is an international event with ambitions to share leading research expertise and facilitate business development and thus to be one of the most influential renewable energy knowledge transfer channels. The conference is a must for research groups at the cutting edge of renewable energy science, technology, policy and business development. The conference through its unique research & business model will facilitate synergies between academia and commercial sectors. Delegates from enterprises seeking innovations and expanding to new markets may benefit from sponsoring, exhibiting and networking thus improving their business environment. RESRB is particularly focused on countries applying green growth policies and plays the role in informing policymaking processes. The participation mode can be either in-person or virtual. Publication will be on Book of Abstracts, Proceedings, journals, edited books and books.